Contact Us: By Telephone

Contact Us: By Telephone

Contact our telephony team between 8am and 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am and 5pm on Fridays.
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Our Customer Charter explains our contact standards. Wait times can vary depending on the day and time of day and can increase dramatically following the issue of Council Tax bills.

Council Tax bills for 2014-2015 have been issued. If you need further information about your bill visit our Your New Council Tax Bill page.

Our on-hold messages provide valuable information on current-topics. All our contact numbers begin 01362 656 and are then followed by three digits that will get you through to the most appropriate person to take your call.

01362 656 872 - Benefits

01362 656 871 - Council Tax and Business Rates

01362 656 875 - Electoral Registration and Information

01362 656 870 - Environmental Health

01362 656 878 - Environment and Waste

01362 656 870 - Housing Advice, Homelessness and Private Sector Housing

01362 656 833 - Housing Waiting List (Key Select)

01362 656 876 - Licensing

01362 656 873 - Planning, Building Control and Environmental Planning

01362 656 870 - All other enquiries

0845 600 1936 - Payment Line - open 24 hours for: Council Tax, Business Rates, Benefit Overpayments and Invoices

Do you have an emergency between 6pm and 8am when the office is closed?
Contact 01522 782246 to speak to an adviser handling emergency calls for a number of Breckland Council departments. However, if you are a Flagship tenant you might initially
want to contact Flagship Response to discuss your emergency. You can also visit our emergency planning page for other helpful contact numbers.