Emergency Management

Emergency Management

What is an emergency?: The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 provides the definition of an ‘emergency’ as:
  • An event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare
  • An event or situation which threatens serious damage to the environment
  • War, or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to security

Preparedness:  Breckland Council has a duty to assess the threats and risks that may affect the organisation, local communities or environment and plan for the response and recovery should a major incident occur.  We have multi-agency plans in place to deal with emergencies, and exercises take place to test the plans are fit for purpose and staff are familiar with their roles and responsibilities.

Response:  The initial response to an emergency is usually provided by the Emergency Services, with support provided by Local Authorities and Voluntary Agencies as appropriate.  Depending on the type of incident, our duties include:

  • Provision of Emergency Rest Centres to provide temporary shelter
  • Environmental Health advice
  • Keeping the public informed by providing effective communications
  • Co-ordinating the Council’s media response with that of other responders
  • Keeping Elected Members informed so they can participate in decision making on behalf of the local community
  • Co-ordination of counselling support for victims and relatives of those involved
  • Co-ordination of support provided by the Voluntary Agencies

The Council’s Incident Management Team will be responsible for allocating resources to ensure an effective response is achieved.

Recovery:  Recovery is defined as “The process of rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating the community following an emergency” (Emergency Response and Recovery Guidance April 2010).  After the immediate impact of a major incident or emergency is over, people will want to return to ‘normality’ as soon as possible.  Breckland Council will put a recovery strategy in place to provide support and enable a speedy recovery.