Learn more about financial inclusion

Learn more about financial inclusion

' 'Financial inclusion is defined as the ability of an individual, household, or group to access appropriate financial services or products. Without this ability people are often referred to as financially excluded. People that are financially excluded might;

  • Not be able to access affordable credit
  • Not want or have difficulty obtaining a bank account
  • Be financially at risk through not having home insurance
  • Struggle to budget and manage money or plan for the unexpected
  • Not know how to make the most of their money

Anyone can be financially excluded, as a result of the economic downturn we believe many more people then usual are struggling financially.

Managing your finances can be stressful, especially in the current economic climate.

We’ve put together some information to help you, whether you need urgent advice on your debts, want to maximize your income, or simply find out what financial inclusion is all about and how we are helping our residents.

 What’s in this section;