Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a summary of our day to day frequently asked questions

1    Q     How do I make a payment?
  A Visit our Pay for it page.
2 Q I would like to register a change of address.
  A Visit our Report it page - Change of Address.
3 Q I have an Emergency between 6pm and 8am and the office is closed.
  A Contact 01522 782246 to speak to an adviser who handles emergency calls for a number of Breckland Council departments.

However, if you are a Flagship tenant you might initially want to contact Flagship Response to discuss your emergency.

You can also visit our emergency planning page for other helpful contact numbers.

Q How do I put my name on the Housing Waiting List with Key Select?
  A Registration for the Scheme is done via on-line application. Visit to register. If you are homeless and/or need housing advice visit our Housing page.
5 Q How do I apply for housing or council tax benefit?
  A Visit the Anglia Revenues Partnership website to complete an electronic claim form or contact us to arrange a call from a Benefit Assessor.
6 Q How do I advise housing benefits of my change of circumstances?
  A Visit the Anglia Revenues Partnership website – change of circumstances.
7 Q How can I understand and manage my money better?
  A The Money Advice Service is an independent body which has been set up by the Government and paid for by the financial services industry.
8 Q I am a Flagship Housing tenant and need repair(s) done to my property.
  A You can call 0808 168 4555 or visit Flagship Housing Group for information.
9 Q How can I dispose of my bulky items?
  A Visit our Environment and Waste, bulky items page.
10 Q How do I report a fly tip?
  Visit our Report it page - fly tip. 
11  How do I report a road problem (e.g. pot holes, street lighting, verges)?
  A Visit Norfolk County Council's highways page as they are responsible for this type of maintenance.
12 How do I apply for a bus pass?
  Visit Norfolk County Council's website or call 0344 800 8020 for information.
13 How do I apply/renew my blue badge? 
  Visit Norfolk County Council's website as Blue Badges are issued/renewed by them.
14 I am experiencing a nuisance, e.g. pests, noise, who do I contact?
  Visit our Environmental Health, environmental protection page for further details.
15  I have lost my dog/I have found a stray dog, who do I contact?
  Visit our Dog Warden Services page for further details.
16 Am I on the electoral register?
  Contact us and we can check for you. Alternatively, if you want to register or request a postal or proxy vote, this can be done on-line by visiting our Electoral Services page.
17 Q Are you vulnerable or elderly and need an emergency personal alarm (formerly known as Piper Alarm)?

Please visit Flagship Homes Alarm Packages pages for more information, or please call Flagship Homes on 0808 178 6000

    My property is flooding, who do I call?
See Breckland Council's Land Drainage page.
For non-emergency flooding issues due to surface and ground water, i.e. a blocked ditch, who do I call?
Norfolk County Council, as Lead Local Flood Authority, is responsible for co-ordinating the management of local flood risk. See their Flood risk enforcement and consent page.