How can I find out when an application I am interested in will be heard at Committee?

There are certain criteria that need to be met in order for an application to be heard by the Committee. If these criteria are met, there are various means to find out details for specific applications.

Very broadly, applications are considered by Planning Committee if:-

  •    The application is called in, with a planning reason, by a District Councillor within 23 days of publication of that application on the weekly list and the Chairman agrees, or
  •    Those applications, which are of particular sensitivity locally,

Subject to consultation with the Chairman's Panel and agreement with the Chairman:

  •    Applications being submitted by or on behalf of the Council, or
  •    Applications by Members or Officers of the Council.

We endeavour to inform Applicants (or their agent) and the Parish Council (to which the application site relates)  by email of the date of the relevant Planning Committee.  If you wish to be notified that an application you have an interest in is being presented at Planning Committee you will need to provide an email address to us when you append any comments to an application. If no email is provided to us then you will need to check the relevant Planning Committee Web Page on the Council Website to establish if and when a specific application is to be considered.

The agenda is also available to view at the Council Offices and local libraries. Alternatively, you can contact the Planning Usher by emailing for further information.

Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:18:57