What can I say at the meeting?

Please try to be brief and to the point. Limit your comments to the application and relevant planning issues, for example:

  • Planning Policy (Government guidance and Local Plans)
  • Design, appearance, layout and effect on nearby properties
  • Noise disturbance, smell and residential amenity
  • Highway safety and traffic issues
  • Impact on trees, conservation areas, listed buildings or nature conservation

Note: There are issues which are not relevant to planning. We would wish to hear all your views but some may not be able to be taken into account by Committee when the decision is made.

Yes you can send maps, plans or photographs to the Council either in the post or via email, addressed to the Committee Usher, which, if appropriate material can be shown to committee by the officers.  Any such material must be with the Committee Usher before NOON on the Friday before the proposed Planning Committee meeting date.  Only appropriate material which has been agreed by the Chairman of the Planning Committee will be shown at the Committee.

Please note any such material will be uploaded to the website and publicly available to view so do not include any personal information which you do not wish to be viewed.

Last updated: 18/06/2020 11:21:10