09/01/19: Councils aiming to commission shared waste collector

Three councils in Norfolk have signed an agreement to work together to commission a single waste contractor who will deliver a number of core council services.

Breckland Council, North Norfolk District Council and King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council will be tendering for a provider to deliver waste and recycling collections across all three council areas. In addition, the provider will be delivering grounds maintenance in Breckland and North Norfolk.

The councils have been working together for the last year to discuss and agree the specification needed and have now signed an inter-council agreement to proceed to the formal tendering process.

By joining together, the councils expect to be able to achieve efficiencies of scale and attract providers interested in working across a larger area. In addition, the new service will see a new fleet of bin collection trucks put in place.

It is expected that the successful provider will take over services when each council's existing waste contracts come to an end - 2020 in North Norfolk and 2021 in Breckland and West Norfolk. It is anticipated that the vast majority of staff who currently deliver the service will transfer from existing contracts to the new provider, which will protect local jobs.

With the tender process due to be commenced imminently, it is expected that a contract will be awarded around summer 2019 and will run for nine years in north Norfolk and eight across the other two partner councils.

Cllr Paul Claussen, Breckland's Executive Member for Place, commented: "This agreement is the first in its kind in Norfolk and should mean that we can protect and enhance the waste service across all three council areas while getting the very best value for money."

Cllr Sarah B├╝tikofer, Leader of North Norfolk District Council, said: "This is a financially efficient way of providing a key service to our North Norfolk residents and I am pleased to be able to support it."

Cllr Ian Devereux, Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk cabinet member for Environment, added: "Waste collection services affect every household in each of our districts. It is vital that we find ways to get the best service we can for residents at the best price possible. We achieved significant savings when we worked jointly with North Norfolk last time the contract was tendered, so we are confident that even better value can be achieved by working jointly with Breckland and North Norfolk district councils."

Last updated: 19/03/2019 14:52:31