Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Breckland Council is proposing to change its Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme. If the current plans are implemented, this would mean people claiming Universal Credit would not see a change in the amount of council tax they have to pay unless their weekly income changes by more than £15, or £65 in a month.

Currently, even a small change in income will prompt somebody's council tax level to be reassessed. The purpose of the change is to provide people claiming Universal Credit more certainty over their Council Tax bills and their finances.

This consultation is open 28 October to 8 December. Feedback received will then be considered before a final proposal is given to councillors to consider in early 2020.

If that is agreed, the change would come info affect from April 2020. The proposed change would not apply to people who have reached state pension age or are not on Universal Credit.

As part of the proposed change, Breckland Council also proposes to change when it assesses Universal Credit customers' eligibility for Council Tax Support. This will take place when the Department for Work and Pension confirms an award of Universal Credit, instead of when a customer submits a claim for Universal Credit. This will ensure council tax support is calculated correctly first time and avoids the need for a re-assessment.

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Last updated: 25/10/2019 13:17:39