08/11/19: Breckland fly tipper fined £745 for desecrating natural beauty spot

Breckland Council have fined an Attleborough man £745 for fly tipping and not holding a waste carriers licence whilst providing an illegal waste collection service.

The offender, who conducted a 'man with a van' service, took trade waste and fly tipped it into an area of outstanding natural beauty that is owned by Forestry Commission in Stanford.  The specific site is a very scenic area where members of the public can enjoy walks by the river and next to designated fishing area for local anglers.  The fly tip left behind incriminating evidence which helped the Breckland Council enforcement team to identify items within the waste that led them back to the offender.

The offender engaged in a voluntary interview under caution where he admitted two offences and was issued two fixed penalties, one for the fly-tipping offence and second offence of not holding a waste carriers licence while providing services. During the interview the offender was cooperative and remorseful and immediately registered for a waste carriers licence and advice was provided on how he could legitimately conduct a "Man with a Van" business.  

Cllr Alison Webb, Executive Member for Housing, Health and Environment at Breckland Council, commented "I am truly disappointed that an area of outstanding beauty, enjoyed by local walkers and anglers would be blighted by such a reckless fly tipping incident. Not only have our local residents been affected, but the impact on the local wildlife also needs to be taken into account. When examining the details of this case I am very happy to see that not only was the offender truly remorseful, but due to the advice provided by our Enforcement Team, the offender has now decided to run a legitimate business and change his behaviour in the future, which will save the tax payer money in the future from not having to clear up after him and his previously reckless behaviour"

Breckland Council is advising residents who discover a fly tip to inform the council as quickly as possible, as this increases the chance of the council catching the culprits. People hiring somebody to take waste away for them should make sure they are legitimate and have a waste carrier's licence. Householders are also being encouraged to be particularly wary of businesses that only operate through social media or those who come to their door offering to take away rubbish cheaply. Residents can report suspected fly tipping online at www.breckland.gov.uk/flytip or contact the council direct.


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