Aircraft Noise

We have no powers to deal with noise from aircraft in the air. We have limited controls for aircraft making noise on the ground including maintenance and engine testing however these need to be linked to a specific piece of land or site. In these circumstances please report the issue to us using ouronline form.

To complain about aircraft noise please contact the relevant airport management or operator:

Military movements

Details on current Military Movements in the Breckland area can be found on ourwebsite.

Civil aircraft noise

The Department for Transport is responsible for the policy on civil aircraft noise in the UK.

Any complaints should be directed to theCivil Aviation Authority website.

Military aircraft

Complaints about noise from military aircraft should be made by emailing or calling 01780 417558.

Police helicopter

Complaints about noise from the police helicopter should be made to the police on 101.

Last updated: 09/11/2020 14:32:50