Building/Construction sites

Construction sites can generate significant levels of noise that can disturb residents in their homes. Construction works include the demolition, alteration, maintenance, repair, erection and construction of buildings or roads.

Much of the noise generated is unavoidable and noise control methods are a balancing act between the needs of the developer to carry out the works and the rights of neighbours to enjoy their properties in peace.

The legislation governing noise from construction sites strives to achieve this balance, while we aim to minimise the impact of noise from such works on local residents.

Under the Control of Pollution Act 1974, we may serve a notice requiring the works to be carried out in a particular way.

Things we can do

  • specify the plant or machinery which is, or is not, to be used
  • specify the hours during which the works may be carried out
  • specify the level of noise which may be emitted from the premises.

Before taking action, we will consider

  • any relevant codes of practice or guidance issued under this part of the Act
  • the need for ensuring that the best practicable means are employed to minimise noise
  • any alternative methods which would reduce noise to a more acceptable level
  • the need to protect anyone close to the premises in question from the effects of noise. 

Limits on noisy construction works

  • Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm
  • Saturday 08:00 to 13:00
  • No works will normally be permitted on Sundays and Bank holidays

There are occasions when works will not be restricted to within these hours. For example, emergency works or works involving the closure of railway or road networks.

Icon for pdf Construction and Demolition Works Guidance Leaflet [480.42KB]

If you have a complaint about noise from construction work taking place outside these hours you are able to report it via ouronline form. 

DIY activities (ie work that people are undertaking on their homes) do not have the same time restrictions as above.Find out how to deal with DIY related noise.

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