Licensed Premises (pubs/clubs)

All licensed venues, whether they are a pub, nightclub or restaurant, are likely to generate some noise; therefore you should not expect silence if you live close to licensed premises.

Under national legislation, all licensed premises are permitted to have live music until 11pm. Many other venues in the town have permission to play live and recorded music until after this time depending on the terms of their licence.

We will investigate complaints about noise coming from licensed premises. We will make the premises management aware that a complaint has been received, giving them some details about your concerns so they can resolve the problem. You may be asked to complete monitoring forms which will help us to determine how often the noise is occurring, the duration, time of day and how the use of your property is being affected.

Pubs and bars are also subject to requirements under theLicensing Act 2003. If you think that the licensed venue is breaching their licence conditions then you can report them to the Breckland Licensing Team. They can be contacted by email

Whilst noise from licensed venues should be expected, if you feel the level of noise is unreasonable and starts to have a negative impact on the use of your property or health, please report itonline.

Last updated: 11/11/2020 08:17:38