Vehicle and Home Burglar Alarms

We can take action if an alarm sounds for prolonged periods or on a frequent basis. The police are often contacted about burglar alarm noise, however they will refer all noise complaints to us unless there is a report of suspicious or criminal activity.

We will investigate complaints of misfiring alarms under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Firstly we will try to find out if there is a key holder who can silence the alarm. If we can't find a key holder we will visit the area to determine whether the noise is causing a statutory nuisance. If we are satisfied that the noise is causing a statutory nuisance, we can serve a legal notice on the person responsible. If the alarm is still sounding after one hour and all reasonable steps have been taken to contact either the owner, the occupier, or any nominated key holders of the property, then we can undertake work to silence the alarm.

Vehicle and home burglar alarm responsibilities

There is no requirement for the owners of alarms to notify the police or local authority of their alarm, however we would recommend that if you have a vehicle or property which is fitted with an alarm you must ensure that:

  • it is set to a reasonable level of sensitivity to minimise 'false alarms'
  • it is checked regularly so that it is in good working order
  • you nominate a key holder, such as a neighbour, should it go off in your absence
  • the property alarm is fitted with a 20 minute automatic cut-out device
  • the vehicle alarm is fitted with 5 minute cut-out device

Report a problem with a vehicle or home burglar alarmonline.

Last updated: 11/11/2020 08:18:39