4/12/19: New community fridge installed in Thetford

A new community fridge has been installed at the Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford, as part of a Breckland Council district-wide initiative to tackle food waste. This builds on the continuing success of fridges installed in Dereham, Watton, Swaffham, and the Abbey Community Centre in Thetford.

Community fridges work by providing a convenient venue where local businesses can donate food that is past its sell-by date, but within its use-by date, for collection by local residents, for free. Since the Breckland Community Fridge scheme started around a year ago over 14,500kg food has been collected and distributed for consumption by local people, instead of being thrown away.

Tracy Terry, Manager at the Engine Room Café and the new Charles Burrell Community Fridge coordinator, commented: "The Charles Burrell Centre offers a fantastic range of services and support for local people and small businesses, therefore we are delighted to add this vital community fridge to our list of services provided to local residents, whilst helping save food going to waste."

A Breckland spokesperson commented: "Community fridges are for use by everyone. Whether you've forgotten to bring your lunch to work or perhaps just want to drop in to see if there is anything you could use towards an evening meal, everything in the fridges is there to be used - for free. No one likes to see good food go to waste so, whether you are a local food retailer or someone who could make use of donations, please take advantage of this new community fridge and help reduce food waste."

An officer from the Council's Food Safety team is providing training for all those working with the Breckland fridges, to ensure their food safety knowledge is up to date.

The new Thetford fridge at the Charles Burrell Centre can be accessed between Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 9.30 pm, and Saturday 8.30 am - 4pm.

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