06/12/19: Have a green Christmas this year!

Breckland residents are being asked to carry out the "Scrunch Test" on their festive wrapping paper this year to make sure the right thing goes in the right bin. Breckland Council is urging residents to ensure foil paper, glitter and sticky tape doesn't go into recycling bins, ensuring only good quality paper goes in without tape attached.

To carry out the test, scrunch the wrapping paper in your hand. If it stays scrunched, it can go in your recycling bin but if it bounces back, it can't be recycled and needs to go in the rubbish bin. This test can also be applied to other household items, such as crisp packets and plastic bags, neither of which can be put in home recycling bins. Scrunch It To Sort It also asks people to make sure no glittery items get placed in their recycling bin and that, where possible, sticky tape is removed from their wrapping paper.

These items cannot be recycled and end up contaminating the county's recycling as it goes through the sorting facility in Costessey. Alison Webb, Executive member for Housing, Health and Environment commented "Recycling correctly  should now be a part of everyone's daily routine, especially at Christmas time when we all see a dramatic increase in waste in the home. One major part of Christmas that causes a lot unnecessary waste is wrapping paper, which means the scrunch test is not only a fun way of finding out if your wrapping paper can be recycled, but also a vital way to help increase our correct recycling rates. Don't forget the best way to reduce Christmas wrapping waste is not to use  it in the first place, but use reusable alternatives like fabric or wall paper off cuts, newspaper and brown string, old book pages or maps. "

Other items that can be recycled at Christmas include mince pie boxes, plastic trays and foil tins, glass bottles, plastic bottles, Christmas cards, cardboard boxes and toy packaging, cardboard chocolate and biscuit boxes and their inner trays. Everything needs to be separated by pulling inner packaging out of boxes and, if dirty - rinsed, left to dry and put loose into the recycling bin. 

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