16/12/19: Norwich man fined £300 for fly tipping scenic lane in Breckland

A Norwich resident who threw rubbish out of his car window while driving along a scenic road in Mattishall has been given a £300 fine by Breckland Council for fly tipping.

After the incident was reported by a member of the public, Breckland's Enforcement team carried out a thorough investigation. A number of receipts found along the country lane linked the culprit to the scene, including one for a recent purchase from Halfords. By working in close cooperation with the shop, Breckland Council was able to identify the customer and interview him.

Faced with the evidence and potential for the case to go to court, the driver confessed to fly tipping and received a fixed penalty notice fine of £300. If it is not paid in 10 working days, the driver will see the fine rise to £400 for late payment.

Cllr Alison Webb, Executive Member for Housing, Health and Environment at Breckland Council, commented: "Once again our Enforcement team has done an excellent job of tracking down a fly tipper with the support of members of the public and local retailers. I hope this makes it absolutely clear that fly tipping and littering in our community is simply not going to be tolerated and we will not hesitate in tackling the minority of people who think selfishly fly tipping in our district is acceptable."

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