20/12/19: Christmas comes early for one local boy

Christmas has come early for a little boy from Attleborough thanks to Breckland Council and its bin collection partner, Serco. Finley McBride's mother recently posted a comment on the Breckland Council Facebook page thanking her local bin collection staff for their efforts and explaining how much her son loves seeing the bin lorry in action and the cheery response he receives from the driver each week. Breckland Council and Serco, who operate the waste lorries, decided they wanted to make Finley's dream come true and invited him in for a special visit to see the bin lorry fleet and a chance to an honorary bin man for the day.

Mum Isabella and Finley, aged 8, jumped at the chance to make the trip the fleet depot in Dereham where the young Finley, who has just turned 8, enjoyed a ride around the depot yard a and met up with his favourite bin lorry crew. 

Peter Barnes, Contract manager for Serco commented: "Our crew always try and wave back at all of the children they see when out on their rounds and we were delighted to have inspired Finley's love of bin lorries. When we asked his Mum would Finley like to visit the depot and meet the crew we were thrilled when she accepted. It was truly wonderful to watch Finley check out the lorry, understand how it works and I hope he had a fun trip to see us and what we do.  We have now kitted him out as an honorary Breckland bin man, with a uniform and a host of goodies, so we hope he enjoyed this early Christmas treat!"

Mum Isabella said: "Thanks to everyone at Breckland Council and Serco who made this possible. Finley enjoyed his day immensely! It was a fantastic early Christmas present for him and I'm sure he'll be talking about it for months to come. Our local bin crew do a fantastic job, in all weathers, so it was also a great chance to personally thank them for all of their hard work."

Cllr Alison Webb, Executive Member for Housing, Health and Environment at Breckland Council commented: "We are delighted to help Finley's dream come true this Christmas. Our crews worked incredibly hard all year round, but it's great to see they have time to wave at Finley whilst on the rounds and make his dream trip possible."

Last updated: 03/02/2020 16:16:13