16/06/20: Advice for building developers aims to boost Breckland's biodiversity

Breckland Council is to provide planning developers with advice and guidance which will help them create sustainable habitats for wildlife as part of its emerging approach to climate change and the environment.

As part of its new Local Plan policies, the district council will issue the advice to developers and residents who submit planning applications. The advice will include the incorporation of bird boxes and bee or swift bricks into housing plans. The aim will contribute to the council's commitment to boosting bio-diversity across Breckland.

Since 1994, the British Trust for Ornithology state, house martin bird has seen a dramatic decline in the East of England, by up 39%, whilst the swift has declined by 38%. Wildlife experts state one of the reasons behind the decline in both species is down to the loss of nest site availability, which the new policy hopes to help address.

Cllr Ian Sherwood, Executive Member for Customer Engagement and Climate Change, commented: "This policy, which is part of our Local Plan, will help support biodiversity in Breckland and ensure future generations will continue to enjoy the sounds of Swifts and House Martins on a summer's evening. All areas of policy are currently being reviewed and adapted, and will contribute to the overall development of a wider climate change strategy, which will help guide the Council, its residents and businesses to reduce their impact on the local environment and help prevent climate change."


Last updated: 29/07/2020 12:47:23