17/06/20: Is this the world's most expensive coffee break?

A group of workers, who pulled up for a quick coffee break by the side of the road in Swaffham, may have had the world's most expensive coffee break, after being fined for littering their used cups. Three workmen were caught throwing out their takeaway coffee cups onto the road from their van, which has not only resulted in internal disciplinary measures with their employer, but also landed them in a lot of hot water with Breckland Council.

A member of the public reported the littering incident to the council, along with a car registration to help catch these culprits. Breckland Council's Enforcement Team traced the registration of the works vehicle and spoke to the company employing these litter bugs. The company involved assisted with Breckland Council at every stage of the investigation, helping identify the staff involved and subsequently issued internal disciplinary procedures against the individuals whilst in their employment.

The driver and two passengers confirmed that it was their coffee cups that had been discarded. Although only one individual threw the items out of the window, it was done with the knowledge of the other two individuals, with no attempt to return to collect the items. Therefore Breckland Council has issued them with a fixed penalty notice of £80 each, £240 in total.

The fine surpasses the cost of the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, the Panamanian-grown Elida Geisha Natural, which is around £79 per cup, making this takeaway coffee break a world record price for stopping for a coffee!  Breckland Council hopes by raising awareness of this case it will deter others from littering.

Cllr Gordon Bambridge, Breckland Council's Executive Member for Environmental Services and Public Protection, commented: "This case clearly highlights that if you are caught littering in the community, not only do you face a significant fine, but it could also lead to issues with your employer. Breckland Council is taking a robust and active stance again littering and fly tipping in our community. There is no excuse for littering in our towns or countryside. Take your waste home or to your workplace and dispose of it carefully, otherwise you could be facing an investigation, fine or even a court appearance."


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