17/07/20: Council tracks flytipper across Europe

Breckland Council has successfully tracked down a man and issued him a fine for flytipping, despite him leaving the country. The man moved to Europe after leaving a substantial fly tip in scenic woods in the district and committing a littering offence on nearby farmland. However, the council's Enforcement Officer was able to gather enough evidence to trace his whereabouts, leading to the man admitting the two offences and being issued with a £500 fine.

The investigation was launched after the man left furniture, bin bags, boxes and other household waste on the Kilverstone Estate, near Thetford, and a quantity of litter in Brettenham. This gave the council's staff enough evidence to develop a detailed timeline of the movements and recent addresses for the culprit. This meant the team was able to contact the flytipper after tracing his employer, landlord and family members.

While the family members confirmed the man had recently moved back to Europe, they insisted that the man would be prepared to face his punishment. After writing to the culprit in Europe, the individual admitted his guilt in the face of overwhelming evidence and agreed to pay a substantial fine of £500.  

Cllr Gordon Bambridge, Breckland Council's Executive Member for Environmental Services and Public Protection, commented "This case demonstrates just how seriously we take flytipping in Breckland. Our Enforcement Team will follow the evidence wherever it leads and do everything possible to catch those guilty of polluting our environment with their waste.

"Breckland has a truly unique and beautiful habitat, which we want to protect for future generations. There are a number of ways that household waste can be disposed of legally and in many cases at no cost. I sincerely hope this fine makes this person - and others - think about that next time.."

If you see a fly tip within Breckland, please report it online at www.breckland.gov.uk/flytip

Last updated: 17/07/2020 13:34:21