Urban housing schemes (5-14 dwellings) - Guidance Notes for Applicants/Agents

1.   Policy

Policy DC11 of the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies Submission Document 2009 deals with the provision of recreational facilities to serve new housing developments. Further details of Policy DC11, including the reasons for its introduction, can be found in the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies Submission Document (this can be downloaded from the Council's website).

2.   Financial contributions

Policy DC11 requires, for all residential developments of less than 25 dwellings, a financial contribution to be made towards the provision of local recreational facilities (subject to the exceptions detailed below). The level of payment will depend on the number and size of new properties proposed. The table below sets out the relevant payment rates.

Contributions will be secured through a legal agreement, and will normally be payable on commencement of development.

3.   Exceptions

Recreation contributions will be required for all additional new residential units of to 25 units, except in the following cases:

  • Replacement dwellings
  • Extensions to existing dwellings, including granny annexes
  • Temporary residential caravans/mobile homes
  • Sheltered housing *
  • Residential care/nursing homes *
  • Hostels *

*An element of on-site communal amenity open space may be required. This will be assessed on case-by-case basis.

4.   Planning application procedures

The Council will expect legal agreements to be completed within the statutory determination for planning applications - failure to do so may result in applications being refused permission. The determination period for applications for up to 9 dwellings is 8 weeks and for applications of 10 dwellings and above is 13 weeks.

In order to simplify the process of drawing up the necessary legal agreement and in order to avoid unnecessary delay, the Council has produced a standard legal agreement template for use by applicants and agents.  For small developments of between 5 and 14 dwellings in the District's five market towns, this standard template takes the form of a draft section 106 agreement. The agreement is simple in form, and commits the applicant to pay to the Council the required recreation contribution at a specified time, normally on or before the commencement of development. The standard agreement undertaking template and other relevant documents, including the section 106 questionnaire and guidance notes, can be downloaded from the Council's website.

5.   Planning application requirements

The following information should submitted with all relevant applications:

  • a draft section 106 agreement or Planning Obligations Statement, and
  • a completed legal agreement questionnaire.

6.  Table of Recreation Contributions

Children's Play

One bed dwelling


Two bed dwelling


Three bed dwelling


Four bed dwelling (or more)


Outdoor Sport

One bed dwelling


Two bed dwelling


Three bed dwelling


Four bed dwelling (or more)



Residential development of 10 x 3 bed houses and 2 x 4 bed houses

Children's play space = 10 x £600 + 2 x £720 = £7,440

Outdoor sport = 10 x £800 + 2 x £960 = £9,920

Total contribution = £7,440 + £9,920 = £17,360.

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