17/09/2020: CCTV footage leads to multiple fly tipping fines in Thetford

One of several fly tips at Pine Close in ThetfordCCTV footage of a fly-tipping hotspot in Thetford has led to two fly-tippers and a local business being caught and fined.

Breckland Council installed CCTV on Pine Close in the town after a number of previous fly-tipping incidents in the area. The Council's Enforcement Team, working closely with local residents, businesses and landlords, soon captured footage of a man leaving a significant flytip in the area. The man was later traced by the council and was given a fixed penalty notice of £300, rising to £400 if unpaid within 28 days. A further fly-tipping incident, which involved garden fencing which had been fly-tipped by a handyman, resulted in the culprit being issued a fixed penalty notice of £300, again rising to £400 if unpaid within 28 days. The fencing was eventually cleared by the offender, having told the fence owner that it would be disposed of correctly at the local recycling centre.

The investigation also uncovered one local business using domestic bins for their commercial waste. The business was subsequently issued an £80 fixed penalty notice and warned that a further incident will see the shop owner taken to court by the council, where fines can reach up to £1000.

The Council's ongoing crackdown on flytipping has also seen the council identify a group of residents living in an illegal multiple-occupancy sub-letting flat, who have been responsible for a number of fly tipping incidents around the area. Due to the breach in tenancy agreement and these serious environmental offences, the landlord now had the power to evict these tenants.

Cllr Gordon Bambridge, Executive Member for Environmental and Public Protection at Breckland Council commented: "We have made it clear that we simply won't tolerate fly tipping in Breckland and we are working with residents to make sure they know about the legal options to dispose of waste legally. If anyone is caught fly tipping we will not hesitate in taking strong action to catch perpetrators and discourage future incidents." Residents can report a fly-tip in their area onBreckland Council's fly-tip pages.


Last updated: 21/09/2020 13:00:50