Business Start Up Scheme

Although the economy has suffered during the Covid 19 pandemic, the entrepreneurial spirit has not been squashed and there are a number of people who have had to make significant changes to their working life due to loss of jobs or having an idea which has grown during lockdown and the following months in order to enable them to survive and thrive.

We feel that now is the best time to bring forward a scheme for new 'Start Ups', for those who want to expand what they are already doing, move onto the high street to see if their business works in a shop or setting up an online business.

To ensure that we encourage everyone who wants to start their own business we will offer a grant between £2,500 and £10,000.

The grant is only for businesses that are looking to set up within the Breckland District and will not be to cover costs of items that have already been purchased.

Can I apply?

The scheme is open to businesses that are planning to set up within the Breckland District because of Covid 19 experiences (e.g. redundancy, previous enterprise failed or change in labour market) but not exclusively.

How do I apply?

Applicants will need to provide a completed and signed application form, the link to this online form is below. 

Additional information required is a business plan/proposal.  Issues to consider whilst writing your business plan and completing the application are:

  • Environmental/resource impacts - describe the impact your business could potentially have on the environment.
  • Risks/constraints - list any risks/constraints to your business resulting from any environmental impacts.
  • 12-month financial forecast.
  • An understanding of or Confirmation of landlord consent (if applicable)
  • An understanding of or Confirmation of Licensing permission (if applicable)
  • An understanding of or Confirmation of planning permission (if applicable)

To view a usable template and other useful documentation visit the Business Toolkit page

What do I have to use the grant for?

The grant can be used towards but not exclusively for: 

  • Purchase of Equipment
  • Stock
  • Software, websites, and related training


The proposed project must be in the Breckland District: 

  • Businesses in any sector can apply, but consideration will be given to whether the project offers a benefit to the local economy
  • The proposed project must be in accordance with all statutory regulations

Priorities for the Council

  • Diversify economic base of the area
  • Enhance tourism sector to increase visitor expenditure
  • Enable economically and socially disadvantaged areas to thrive
  • Reduce dependence on Universal Credit
  • Enhance environment
  • Improve connectivity / create technologically smart towns
  • Improve skills and educational attainment


  • The business is in the Breckland district
  • The business has a business plan in place including forecasts, costs etc.
  • Provide evidence of the costs which will be incurred
  • Provide evidence of having in place (or in the process of obtaining) appropriate permissions
  • Demonstrate no state aid implications of a grant
  • Pass Breckland counter fraud checks

What is not eligible?

  • Applications from businesses that have been operating for more than 6 months.
  • Projects which require ongoing revenue costs.
  • Any works that have commenced or have been completed before an offer of grant has been made.
  • It may be determined that some projects or initiatives could be funded by other national grant schemes.
  • Professional fees are excluded from the scope of the scheme such as planning fees or consultants.
  • Initiatives promoting a political party.
  • Initiatives that conflict with existing council policies and priorities.

What happens next?

You will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your application form. Your application will be assessed against our criteria and we will carry out checks on business rates and any other payment history where applicable.

Once we receive all the necessary information to process your application, the application and any additional information will be presented and reviewed.  You will be informed of the decision. There is no right of appeal.

When will the grant be paid?

Payment will be made after reviewing all documentation, criteria covered, and agreement obtained that this application has been accepted.  The grant payment will be made directly into the applicant's bank account via BACS.

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