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UPDATE - The Restart Grant announced within the 2021 budget by the Chancellor, will be available to eligible businesses from the 1st April 2021.  Payments will be made to eligible businesses as soon as possible, we are awaiting the funding and confirmation from Government, and will issue this immediately after (anticipate no earlier than w/c 5th April).  The eligibility criteria set by government for this grant scheme is:

A business has to be:

  • Based in England
  • Rate Paying
  • in the non-essential retail, hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care or gym sectors
  • trading on 1st April

Full list of eligible businesses can be found here

We have now launched our Spring Back Programme which includes additional grants outside of the Government Covid 19 Business Grants.  For more information please visit the Spring Back Business Grants

If you have not yet made an application for either the LRSG (for the period 16th February to 31st March) or ARG Grants up to 12th April, please do so on the application form below.

If you have not received an email regarding the Springback Business Support Survey and wish to take part, please do so on the business survey button below.

Covid 19 Business Grants

LRSG (Closed) financial assistance scheme.  Payments are currently being made covering the period 16th February 2021 to 31st March 2021.   They may be marked as expenditure, depending upon the device in which you access your account.  

Government has provided funding to assist businesses during the current restrictions currently up to 31st March 2021.  The application form Covid 19 Business Grants is for any business applying for the Local Restrictions Support Grant - Addendum (LRSG) for this period and for the Additional Restrictions Grant (One Off) for 5th January to 15th February.

I have already applied for a grant before - do I need to apply again?

If you received a grant payment under the previous scheme (called LRSG (Closed)) for the January 2021 "lockdown" restrictions you do not need to apply again. We will use your details to process further eligible applications.

Information regarding each grant can be found on the Grant Policy Pages.

The links shown below are to Guidance links on the GOV.UK website to assist with Local Restriction Closures or for eligibility advice on grants.

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