18/11/20: Breckland Council trials evening support service

Breckland Council is to offer dedicated evening telephone appointments to support residents who need help in completing online applications and forms outside of normal office hours.

A new evening appointment trial has been introduced to help meet the needs of local Breckland residents struggling to find a convenient time to ask questions about council tax forms, benefits applications, or other online forms. The support needs to be booked in advance, with call slots available until 8.30pm every Monday to Friday until the end of December

Cllr Ian Sherwood, Executive Member for Customer Engagement, commented: "We have worked very hard behind the scenes to make our online forms as quick and easy as possible to complete. However, we recognise that some people may still need some support to complete online applications, at least the first time they come to do it. By making additional evening support available we hope to take a flexible approach to the help we offer and aim to help even more people to gain the skills and confidence to use online forms in an increasingly digital world."

Residents can book their telephone support call in advance by calling Breckland Council on 01362 656870.

Last updated: 01/12/2020 17:04:54