Business and Employers Guidance

Any business could need COVID support information to help them operate safely. Some businesses naturally exhibit more risk than others due to the nature of their business activity and concentration of customers and employees.

Businesses involved in food preparation or those that have employees working in close proximity need to make sure they are taking appropriate preventative precautions.

Businesses at greater risk generally will be those with:

  • higher numbers of employees working in close proximity with one another
  • employees exposed to large numbers of customers
  • employees placed in close proximity to customers

The following links and detailed information have been pulled together to assist you with ensuring that you are as prepared as possible to prevent any outbreak within your business.  Advice is also provided should you be unfortunate enough to experience an outbreak.

The three links below are for Coronavirus Advice or Information around Licensing, Workplace Safety and Food Business

Please follow the below tabs for information on Coronavirus Prevention & Outbreak and actions to take.

Last updated: 29/06/2021 09:09:39