Coronavirus: Prevention and Outbreak

Prevention of COVID-19 in your business is clearly better than dealing with an outbreak. Please consider the prompts below to help your business remain COVID-free.

All businesses are encouraged to consider the following prompts and take action where the business is found to be ill-prepared:


  • Infection Control (Social Distancing-Hygiene-Face Covering)
  • Reduction in staff groupings (ensure use of cohorts/bubbles with staggered breaks)
  • Touch & pinch points (use of screens/barriers to separate people)
  • Track & Trace (self-isolation measures-ensuring contact details are up to date)
  • Communication (in different languages where appropriate)
  • Risk assessment (constant review and auditing)
  • Contingency planning (make plans to keep your business going through adversity)
  • Staff sickness & recognising vulnerable staff (supporting and protecting)


  • Hands-Mask-Space (encourage latest guidance)
  • Staff training (align ways of working for the protection of everybody)
  • Staff audits (ensure staff records are up to date)
  • Smoking shelter control (ensure guidance is followed outside of the business premises)
  • Agency control (ensure agencies maintain sufficient staff records and maintain sufficient safety controls)
  • Transient workers (ensure engineers, night shift, QA etc are considered in your plans)
  • Accommodation (HMO) & shared travel (take external factors into consideration)
  • Visitor control (ensure visitors follow guidance)

Hygiene Measures

  • Enhanced cleaning (ensure deeper and more regular cleaning of surfaces)
  • Ventilation & air conditioning (ensure maintained and sufficient fresh air is circulated)
  • Programmed maintenance (ensure premises and equipment is fully maintained)

COVID-19 Contacts

The following contacts may be useful to you when seeking additional COVID‑19 information or support:

UK Government COVID Advice for Business

GOV.UK - Coronavirus Business Support

ContactPhone NumberEmail
Health Protection Team, Public Health England (PHE)0300 303 or
Food, Health & Safety Team at Breckland Council
Business Support at Breckland Council
Health & Safety Executive (HSE)0300 790 6787Working Safely Enquiry Form


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