16/12/2020: Council warns of the dangers of magnet fishing

Breckland Council has issued a warning about the potential dangers of 'magnet fishing', a hobby in which people hunt for metal submerged in rivers using strong magnets.

The caution has been prompted after the council recently received a number reports of metal waste and dangerous items being left by riverbanks after being discovered underwater. This waste is a potential hazard to not only magnet anglers themselves but other local residents using the riverbanks.

A Breckland Council spokesperson commented: "Although magnet fishers may be trying to help clear local rivers, it can lead to unexpected and potentially dangerous finds. We've heard of reports elsewhere in the UK of knives, guns and even a World War II bomb being found by magnet fishers.

"Locally, sharp and rusting metal river waste has been left by riverbanks after being caught by magnet anglers, where families walk, and are well known paths for dog walkers. Although there are no laws against magnet fishing, we would ask magnet anglers to exercise due care when handling objects and dispose of any waste they find carefully and legally."

Waste left by the riverside by magnet anglers will be considered as fly tipping and could lead to a £300 fine, raising to £400 if not paid within 28 days.

Residents are reminded to report any fly tipping incidents online at www.breckland.gov.uk/flytip

Last updated: 16/12/2020 08:52:34