03/02/21: Abbee the robot joins Breckland Council

Abbee the robotA team of robotic vacuums has joined Breckland Council's team of cleaners at its head office, taking over hoovering duties while existing cleaning staff focus on vital tasks such as touch-point sanitation.

The robot vacuum cleaners, affectionally called Abbee, are provided by Rafters Cleaning, and are in the final stages of exhaustive trials.

A Breckland Council spokesperson, commented: "We are always looking at ways to embrace modern technology to raise standards and improve efficiency. Our building is used not only by Breckland Council ward members and staff, but also DWP and members of the public, therefore its essential, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, that we explore cleaning solutions with our partners to ensure the safety of everyone using our building. 

"During the robotic trials we have been really impressed not only by the finished result, but the environmental benefits of using robots - such as low electricity usage, consumable savings and the fact Abbee is 99% recyclable."

A total of 10 Abbee cleaners are currently being used and are complementing, not replacing, the existing cleaning staff.

David Ward, Director at Rafters Cleaning said "We've only recently started to use Abbee robots, supplied by the Perfect Little Company, and they are proving a great success with our clients and staff. Not only does it release time for our staff to complete other cleaning duties, but it has improved standards in cleanliness."

Last updated: 04/03/2021 16:36:29