28/07/21: £600 fine for fly tipping at Council offices

Two residents have been fined £600 in total for mis-using private commercial waste bins to dispose of household waste at Breckland Council Dereham office.

The culprits fly tipped clothes, cardboard, boxes and electrical items at Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke in Dereham, ignoring signage that the bins were for private use and no fly tipping was allowed.

Not only was evidence found at the scene, but  CCTV evidence captured the vehicle details and the culprits rushing to dispose of the waste in a public car park, before speeding away. The car belonged to a London resident, however the fly tipped items belonged to a deceased local resident. Further investigation confirmed the names of the people on the scene, which included a driver and a relative of the deceased, who had decided to clear out the contents of the property and dumped unwanted items at the council office premises, rather than using a local recycling centre. The relative when contacted by the Enforcement Team from Breckland accepted their actions were unacceptable and they should have used a recycling centre to dispose of the waste, rather than fly tipping them.

Cllr Gordon Bambridge, Executive Member for Waste and Environment for Breckland Council commented: "I am truly disappointed that two people decided to fly tip waste at our office in Dereham, rather than take it to a local recycling centre. Crystal clear signage is in place explaining they were private bins and no fly tipping was allowed. I hope this acts as a deterrence to others who might consider fly tipping waste not only in our rural communities, but also in our market towns, public car parks or office complexes".

Last updated: 19/08/2021 13:16:06