9 to 10 August 2022: Thetford Voices Singing Workshops: Journey's Ends

For six to 18 year olds who sing, rehearse and perform, with a closing concert for guests, families and friends. All enthusiastic young singers are welcome, working with experienced leaders and a DBS-checked support team with Thetford Voices now in its 15th year.

This year's theme of Journeys' Ends means we shall be singing of both finishing and starting out on journeys, tasks and adventures of all kinds. We'll draw on music from many places and many times in a variety of styles:

  • folk
  • pop
  • show tune
  • ballad and anthem
  • round and part-song
  • composed for children, borrowed from grown-ups...

Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and satisfying experience for first timers and more experienced singers alike. We perform some numbers together but also break into smaller groups so that songs are well matched across the age range. (There is an extra part-singing session for singers aged 15 and above.)

For Application Form and further details email thetfordvoices@gmail.com or telephone 01842 820060

Time: Tuesday 09:30 to 15:45, Wednesday 13:30 to 20:15
Cost: £5 a day
Venue: Thetford Voices Singing Workshops: Journey's Ends
The Williamson Hall, Thetford Grammar School, Bridge Street, Thetford IP24 3AF

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