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The Future Breckland project has led to the creation of Town Delivery Plans for each of Breckland's five market towns. These documents lay out our shared vision for what we want our towns to look like in the future. To bring these very different plans together, the 'Breckland Prospectus' has been created to provide the glue that ties the five plans into one cohesive approach.

Its publication marks an important stage in the project.  It brings together the work and ideas of over 22,000 businesses and residents of Breckland and represents truly district-wide vision of the change that our residents expect over the next decade.

The prospectus sets out the case for action, presenting the evidence for why we are undertaking this work.  

There are 6 key objectives for each of the towns:

  • regenerating and placemaking
  • building on our heritage and culture
  • growing our business and enterprise base
  • investing in housing and infrastructure
  • improving sustainability and wellbeing
  • encouraging educational attainment.

You can read the  Breckland Prospectus (PDF) [5MB] (opens new window)

Last updated: 24/01/2023 15:41:58