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What is required to make a valid application for planning permission?

The submission of a valid application for planning permission requires:

  • A completed application form - Applications must be made using theStandard National Application Form available on the Planning Portal
  • The correct application fee.  Please refer to thefees calculator available on the Planning Portal 

  • Plans and Drawings including, but not limited to:
    Location Plan - This must show the application site in relation to the surrounding area.
    Plans/Drawings - These must be drawn to an identified scale and, in the case of plans, must show the direction of North
  • Ownership Certificate and Agricultural Land Declaration
  • Design and Access Statement (for some planning applications only -for advice please refer to the Planning Portal Website
  • COVID19 Additional Requirements: Photographs of the application site/development can be really useful in assessing planning applications, especially during this unprecedented time and therefore we recommend timed and dated photographs are provided with ALL planning applications.

In addition there are specific requirements in relation to:

  • Outline Planning Applications
  • Applications that are subject to Environmental Impact Assessments

Further Information

Government guidance in the form of "The Validation of Planning Applications: A guide for local planning authorities" is also available online via the DCLG website.

For Planning Application Forms (1APP Forms) visit the Planning Portal website and select Breckland in the drop down list.

You can use the Planning Portals 'Buy a Plan' service to ensure that you meet our requirements, whether you are a planning professional or first-time applicant.

The Planning Portal has also produced APlanning Portal Best Practice Guide - what to submit which you may find useful.

The Council has also produced the attached Icon for pdf Guidance Note [851.47KB] to assist you in submitting applications when additional information is required.  The guidance and documents are specific to the most common types of application and although these documents are not required to validate your planning application, if you submit the relevant documents to your planning application, as set out it the guidance note, then it is likely to speed up the course of your application and may avoid an unnecessary refusal of planning permission. Advice on the types of document which may be required can be sought using ourpre-application advice service.

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Last updated: 31/08/2021 11:12:17