Litter Picking Equipment

Litter picking There are sets of litter picking sticks, gloves, high visibility vests and refuse sacks for use by community groups.

Community Shed Network

Arrange a community clean up and borrow litter pick equipment and basic garden tools from your nearest Community Shed:

All waste collection will need to be arranged through Breckland Council's Environmental Services: 01362 656870

We will send you our litter pick guidance information and ask you to return a form to say you have read the information and will brief the group on how to stay safe.

Once we have received this form you will be free to collect the equipment from your nearest town.

If you are part of an established environmental group, you may wish to register on the Campaign for Protection of Rural England's 'Litter Action' websitelitter action UK (opens in a new window). Here you can give information about your group and invite other people in your locality to join you (or they can search and request to join you) on any up and coming litter picks you may be planning. The site is a great way to expand your group and meet other like-minded people.

Last updated: 15/09/2021 15:39:01