I work for a police force and require personal information, what do you need from me?

You should have these available at the station, if not ask your Data Protection Officer for one.

The completed s29 DPA form should include:

• Full name of the individual and address if known (aids in searching our systems to identify the correct individual);
• Summary of what information you are seeking from us (the more detail you provide the easier for us to locate);
• Citation of the legislation which permits us to share information regarding the individual with yourselves;
• A brief explanation of how failure to provide this information will prejudice your investigation;
• Signature of a senior officer as well as yourself as investigating officer.

Please return the completed form to the council using one of the following methods (in order of preference):

1. Electronic copy sent from the senior officer's own secure e-mail account to the data protection officer's e-mail address: freedomofinformation@breckland.gov.uk
2. A paper copy of the form which has been physically signed by the senior officer, scanned and forwarded to the data protection office's e-mail address: freedomofinformation@breckland.gov.uk