Mobile Catering

If you wish to operate a mobile food business there are a number of things to consider:

1.  Where do you propose to trade?

  • If you propose trading on private land or at events, you will require permission from the landowner or the event organiser.
  • If you propose trading in laybys, car parks or the streets anywhere in the Breckland you may require Street Trading Consent from Breckland Council.  For more information please View ourStreet Trading Consent page.
  • If you propose trading in laybys, car parks or the streets in other local authority areas, then you should contact them to check whether any prior approval is required.
  • If you propose trading at a market then you will require the permission of the market organiser. Many markets are organised by the town councils for that area.

2. Where should I register my mobile food business?

Mobile food businesses should register with the local authority where their trailer is parked over-night or usually based, or where stock is kept. If you operate more than one unit, then it may be necessary to register them separately if they are usually based or parked overnight at different locations. Further information can be found on ourFood Registration page.

3. What does the law require?

The main structural requirements for a mobile food unit are set out inEU Regulation 852/2004

In addition, you may need to have appropriate food safety management procedures and records in place. Please see ourWhat Paperwork Do I Need? page for further information.

4. Will you be using LPG Gas?

If you will be using LPG gas, you will have a legal duty to make sure that your gas appliances are safe. All maintenance and repair work should only be carried out by a competent gas engineer registered with TheGas Safety Register. For further information seeGas Safety in Kitchens.

5. Other considerations

  • What provision is there for staff welfare?
  • Is there a toilet nearby?
  • Where will you obtain water
  • Where will you store/dispose of rubbish?

Last updated: 19/05/2020 14:16:15