Community & Wellbeing

Why we are doing it:

Our vulnerability project is about collaboration with key stakeholders to develop a community-led approach to the prevention of vulnerability within Breckland. It sets a clear tone that Breckland Council are here to collectively lead, enable and support a District-wide initiative to help our vulnerable residents.

What we are doing:


We will take a leading role in the delivery of a District wide approach to Early Intervention and Prevention to help our most vulnerable residents by:

  • Delivering weekly Early Intervention collaboration meetings.
  • Delivering Social Prescribing services.
  • Delivering The Silver Social for isolated older people.
  • Delivering MyFuture:Social for isolated young carers.
  • Delivering against the aims of the Local Authority Mental Health Challenge.


We will work collaboratively within our communities to build capacity and resilience to help our most vulnerable residents by:

  • Supporting community groups to develop, implement and shape solutions to local issues (setting up or formalising groups).
  • Supporting the development of Community Hubs in our market towns.
  • Supporting the development of community supermarkets by NCF.


We will commission partners to deliver services when they are best placed to help our most vulnerable residents by:

  • Funding the Daisy Programme Community & Early Help worker.
  • Funding the Breckland Youth Advisory Board Young Person Mental Health Project.
  • Funding Tripstart.

Last updated: 26/02/2021 11:52:31