Thetford Parkrun

Thetford Parkrun is a sociable and fun 5K event that takes place every Saturday morning at 9am. Walkers, joggers and runners of all ages and abilities take part each week and travel at their own pace, in a relaxed environment. The event is FREE, and timed, allowing you to monitor your personal progression. To participate, you must visit the website in advance and download a barcode prior to the day, in order to register your attendance.

Breckland Council is proud of the success of Thetford Parkrun, having first began talks with Active Norfolk and the Thetford Parkrun Event Manager and Race Director, Melanie Floyd back in late summer 2012. All 3 parties were keen to develop the project on the back of the national achievements made during London 2012.

The council assisted in the development of the route planning, logistics, and project financing, engaging the Moving Thetford Forward project team into negotiations and securing funds via their grant scheme.

Thetford Parkrun was eventually launched on February 23rd 2013, with  90 runners in attendance. Since then, over 15000 individual runs have been made around the course and over 2000 local people are now registered Thetford Parkrunners. 

The success has to be attributed to Event Manager and Race Director Melanie Floyd and her fantastic team of volunteers, who have created a casual running community, full of warmth, fun and support, accessible to all levels of runner and walker alike.

For more info on Thetford Parkrun and to find your local run visit their website.



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