How to make a Health and Safety Complaint

Breckland Council's aim is to protect the health or safety of workers and others who might be at risk of ill health or injury, at premises where the Council is the enforcing authority. Therefore, if you are an employee or member of the public and want to bring to our attention any health and safety (or welfare at work) concerns, please report thisonline.

Information we will require to assist our investigation:

  • Your name & contact details (address, mobile, email) and the best time/preferred method for you to be contacted.
  • Name & address of the workplace or business.
  • Details of what H&S issues are giving rise to concern and their respective location(s) on the premises.
  • Date and time (if relevant) when any of the concerns were noted and if any unsafe situation is still ongoing
  • If the concerns only happen on a certain day of the week or time of day, this information should be provided too.
  • The name of anyone that the issues have already been reported to, or whether it has not yet been mentioned to the employer/manager.

We will respect your confidentiality as a complainant, including the personal information of the individual making the complaint. We will also accept anonymous 'whistle-blower' complaints, especially if you are in fear of losing your job or reprisals from an employer. In such instances, if the reported concerns appear serious, the Food, Health & Safety Team would still investigate anonymous complaints provided we have sufficient information about both the premises and the alleged concerns.

Breckland Council will review reported complaints, concerns, accidents or other incidents before determining whether an investigation is required. There is a list of common complaints that we receive in the FAQ section and links to online information that may answer these types of enquiry on ourCommon Complaints page 

Last updated: 18/06/2020 09:58:11