How to Register/Make Amendments

You will need to register the business where the activity will be carried out, and the person(s) who will be doing the activity.

If you are providing more than one skin piercing activity, you'll need to register for each activity, these can all be entered on the one application form.

How to register

If you're opening a new business premises, you should check whether you need to apply forplanning permission, before you register. If the address was used for a different type of business, you may need to apply for a change of use.

To register to perform a skin piercing activity, you'll need to complete our onlineSkin Piercing Registration Application Form 

It is an offence to operate without appropriate registration.

How to make amendments to your registration

If you are already registered but wish to add or remove named operators from your registration certificate (but are not changing any of the treatments you are registered for at present) there is a reduced administration fee of £46.00 for this service. You will still need to complete the full application form including all operator names.

Please note if you are requesting additional treatments to your existing registration the full £231.00 application fee will apply, as an inspection of the premises will be required.

Fees & Charges

Our current fee for full registration is £231.00. This is a flat fee for all types of skin piercing treatments and does not increase if you are applying for more than one type of skin piercing activity.

Amendments to the registration certificate (not requiring a full inspection) will incur an administration fee of £46.00 to amend your registration and reissue your Certificate of Registration. You will still need to complete the full application form including all operator names.

Please note that payment can be taken by Debit Card or by Credit Card.  Alternatively you can send a cheque noting down the business name and request on the back of the cheque.

What happens next?

If you operate the business premises, we will contact you to arrange a visit. The visit is to check that you comply with theSkin Piercing Byelaws

We'll ask you questions about your experience and knowledge regarding the activities you are registering for.

Last updated: 19/08/2020 08:37:49