05/07/17: Breckland Council seeks volunteers to 'User test' its website

Breckland Council is looking for local residents to share their experiences of using its new website.

This is an opportunity to shape how future versions of Breckland's Council's website will look and feel, so that the Council can make it as user-friendly and useful as possible for residents and businesses alike.

The website is being tested in Dereham on 20 July, by City, University of London.

Residents will be asked to use the website and share their experiences with an assessor. This will include being asked how easily they find their way around the site and completing common tasks. The assessment will take around an hour. 

Anyone wishing to put themselves forward for this user testing is asked to complete an application form, which should take 5-10 minutes and is available at Application Form

Please note that not all applicants will be invited to the one-to-one testing sessions.

The Council will be selecting people based on the answers they provide to ensure our user testers represent the district's population. The information provided in this application will only be used by Breckland Council for this purpose and will not be shared with other organisations.

The Council will contact applicants within a few days of receiving their application form.

Before completing this form, applicants need to ensure that they will be able to attend a one-hour user testing session at the Council's head office on Walpole Loke in Dereham. These will be held between 2pm and 8pm on 20 July. 

To cover travel costs and expenses, residents selected to take part in the one-to-one user testing will each receive a £25 Amazon voucher.