10/07/17: Backing given to proposed Breckland lottery which will boost local good causes

Breckland Council is looking to join the growing number of local authorities that operate their own community lotteries as an innovative way of supporting good causes.

Councillors today (July 10) approved proposals to set up a local authority lottery, which would see 60% of ticket sales going to voluntary and charity groups from across the district. Players could win prizes ranging from free tickets to a future draw, up to a £25,000 jackpot.

Having received the go-ahead from Breckland's Cabinet, the council will now progress proposals and seek an external lottery management company to organise and run the lottery on its behalf.

It is expected that the Breckland Lottery will cost £1 to play, with players able to select which local good cause they'd like to support. In addition, a percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales will go into a general funding pot, which Breckland Council would distribute to local charities and voluntary groups in the form of grants. The remainder of the money raised will go towards running costs, with none going to the Council itself.

Cllr Paul Claussen, Executive Member Place, explained: "This approach is an innovative way of supporting local good causes. As well as helping to direct money to local charities and community groups, being part of the lottery will also help raise their profile and promote the good work they are doing. They may otherwise not have the capacity to fund raise on their own, so this presents a big opportunity for them."

Cabinet also agreed to recommend to full Council that £150,000 of funding be set aside for grant funding in 2017/18 and the same in 2018/19, with the remaining money in the existing pot be reallocated for investment purposes. The returns on future investments would be used to provide grants to local groups. This, coupled with the lottery plans, would mean the council has a sustainable way of funding its grants scheme and helping worthy causes going forward.