We are responsible for trees on the land we own. Currently, works are only carried out where it is deemed there is a health and safety issue. Any of our trees which have grown over your property boundary, you have the right to cut back. Before you carry out any work please check that the tree is not protected or in a conservation area.

 We will NOT inspect a tree for the following:

  • Cutting out light
  • Spoiling the view
  • Dropping sap
  • Dropping leaves into a private residence
  • Causing poor television reception

 We WILL inspect a tree if:

  • Branches are touching a building/structure and potentially may cause damage
  • There are cracked or split limbs
  • There is a snapped branch hung up in the tree canopy
  • A large limb has fallen to the ground
  • The tree is loose at the roots
  • Sight lines for pedestrians are compromised
  • Sight lines for vehicles are compromised
  • Branches are causing pedestrians and cyclists to stoop
  • Too big

Report Tree Concerns


Last updated: 24/03/2021 12:04:21