The following outlines Breckland Council's procedure for handling compliments, complaints and feedback.


If you have received particularly good service we would like to hear about it.  We are constantly reviewing our services to ensure continuous improvement and need to hear about what works well.  Copies of all compliments will be forwarded to the member of staff concerned, senior management and members of the council.  Should a compliment be received about a district councillor then this will be forwarded to the Leader of the Council, the Leader of the political party concerned and the councillor themselves.


Breckland Council values feedback about its services and welcomes suggestions on how we can improve them.


We will try to resolve complaints on an informal basis at the first point of contact but this Procedure explains how you can take matters formally through the Council's Corporate Compliments, Complaints & Feedback Procedure if you think the service you have received is unsatisfactory.

Last updated: 04/06/2020 08:42:26