08/01/18: Community Governance reviews called for Thetford, Carbrooke and Great Ellingham

Breckland Council is calling on residents of Thetford, Carbrooke and Great Ellingham, for their views on administrative changes requested by their respective parish councils. Feedback is also sought from those living in the adjacent parishes of Croxton, Brettenham, Kilverstone and Attleborough.

Thetford Town Council seeks to extend its parish boundary to include the new Sustainable Urban Extension area, while Carbrooke has asked to increase the size of its parish council from seven to nine members, following substantial population growth. The third request from Great Ellingham Parish Council is to extend their southern boundary to the A11.

Breckland Council and Norfolk County Council electoral boundaries will not be affected by the proposed changes.

These three requests are subject to a formal Community Governance Review (CGR); this is a statutory process whereby district councils can create parish councils, review and change boundaries and carry out a number of other electoral arrangement reviews. The Thetford, Carbrooke and Great Ellingham CGR's will be managed by Breckland Council who will also administer the consultations.

Cllr Mark Robinson, Breckland Council Executive Member for Governance said: "Changes in population and the pattern of growth can impact on the duties of a parish council, so requests such as these do come forward to us from time to time. We want to make sure that residents of these parishes and other interested groups are given the opportunity have a say on these proposals, so that their views can be taken into account before any decisions are made." 

The three consultations will begin today (8 January) with the Carbrooke consultation closing on 16 February 2018, and those for Thetford and Great Ellingham closing on 16 March 2018. Details of the changes requested can be found at www.breckland.gov.uk/CGR-review-2018, together with a timetable of the CGR process. All feedback received will be published on the council website in accordance with the statutory process.

After the consultations close, the Community Governance Sub-Committee from Breckland Council will consider the requests in the light of feedback received and will draw up draft proposals. These will go out to further consultation this spring.  In the case of Carbrooke - a request to increase the size of its Parish Council - the final decision will be made by Breckland Council. In the case of the two requested boundary changes the decision will be made by Breckland Council but, depending on outcomes, may need Boundary Commission approval to implement. 

Last updated: 30/04/2018 10:56:55