Commercial Waste Collections

Switch now to your local, reliable, and cost-effective commercial waste provider

Breckland Council, in partnership with Serco UK, is now offering commercial waste collection services across our district. With local account managers, who understand your business wastes needs, why not explore how we can offer you and your business a flexible, cost effective and reliable waste collection service.

What we can offer your business today

We understand that every business is different. Which is why we provide a variety of waste collection and disposal services that can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.

  • Choose from a range of container sizes or sacks to meet your business needs, including 240, 360, 660 and our popular 1100 litres* container.
  • We can provide extra collections or additional empties for one-off events
  • Our flexible approach means we can offer collection programmes to meet seasonal variations, avoiding unnecessary collection charges.
  • No business is too small and no business is too big.  Our experienced Waste Officers can assess your waste needs and recommend the most suitable and cost effective solution
  • VAT exempt, saving you 20% on specific collection services. 

    What we can collect

    We offer two types of flexible commercial waste collection services:

    General waste (non-recyclable) collection

    Your local professional account manager will be happy to discuss your collection needs, explain our flexible approach and provide a competitive pricing structure, which will be VAT exempt, saving you 20%!

    We can collect and dispose of non-recyclable, compactable waste produced by your business.  Most businesses combine a general waste bin with a recycling bin to enable them to segregate their waste, prevent cross-contamination and save money, whilst meeting waste legislation and sending less waste to landfill.

    Dry Mixed Recycling Collection

    Recycling is one of the easiest actions that a business can undertake to reduce waste service costs and reduce its impact on the environment.

    We actively encourage all our business customers to recycle as much waste as possible. Items we collect include glass bottles and jars, plastic food pots, food and drink cartons, paper, cardboard, aluminium cans, and plastic bottles.

    Segregating your waste and sending as much waste to be recycled as possible reduces your footprint on the environment and also reduces your overall cost due to the high landfill tax on general waste.

    All waste has to be dry, compactable and recyclable. 

    Why choose us?

    Breckland Council has a proud history of offering a reliable, local and flexible waste collection service to thousands of Breckland residents every day. We are therefore delighted to be able to transfer our extensive collection infrastructure, skilled staff and local knowledge to offer the same professional service to our commercial customers, delivering a service that will exceed your expectations. 

    As a committed and responsible waste management provider, we are dedicated to ensuring our constituents get the most cost effective waste disposal service whilst ensuring your complete compliance with all waste legislation through your Duty of Care, in line with Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

    Get a quote now!!

    Interested in how much you can save? Keen to learn more about our flexible, reliable local commercial waste collection service? You can get a free non-obligation quote by completing our online form. Just tell us the bins you would like to order, choose our service options and your local account manager will contact you to discuss how we can help your business.

    * Further information on bin and sack sizes

    • 240 Litre wheeled bin (standard household size, approx 4-5 bags)
    • 360 Litre wheeled bin (larger household size, approx 6-7 bin bags)
    • 660 Litre bin with 4 wheels ( approx 10-13 bin bags)
    • 1100 Litre bin with 4 wheels (approx 18-22 bin bags)
    • 25 trade sacks (Trade sacks are a simple, flexible and inexpensive way of removing your trade waste. This service is particularly useful if storage or access is an issue at your premises)

    Certain business can save even more money due to being exempt from disposal costs, get in touch for more information.

    Last updated: 13/07/2021 10:43:24