Mindful Towns

The Breckland Mental Health Community Partnership (BMHCP) is endeavouring to make Breckland a more 'Mindful District' and enable a community-let approach to mental health. 

We want to facilitate the aspirations of our parish communities in achieving 'Mindful Town' or 'Mindful Village' status through the offer of a free mental health education and awareness training programme. This will also provide opportunities to develop mindfully-focused community activity within local areas.

How do we become a Mindful Town or Village?

To be recognised as a 'Mindful' town or village, a number of representatives from a cross-section of the local community would need to commit to becoming Mental Health Community Champions. These could include sports clubs, the local pub, small businesses, community organisations, the parish council, and more. They can subsequently become Champions by undertaking one of the free training courses being provided by the BMHCP. Find out more about the training.


Whilst the BMHCP training program will be accessible to individuals, collective groups interested in developing a Mindful Town or Village will be prioritised. An example of the criteria/ numbers required to achieve 'Mindful' town or village status would be as follows:

  • Large Towns (+10,000) - 15+ champions
  • Small Towns (-10,000) - 10+ champions
  • Large villages (+2,500) - 7+ champions
  • Small villages* (-2,500) - 5+ champions

*Where interest arises in our smaller parishes, individuals will be encouraged to collaborate to create a collective 'mindful village' that spans their boundaries where interest exists but capacity is stretched.

In becoming a 'Mindful' Town/Village, the organisations represented would commit to upskilling a minimum of one member to undertake any element of the BMHCP training. Following successful completion of the training, that member would become the mental health 'champion' of that organisation: 

  • Someone who was better placed to identify and engage in conversation with anyone presenting as needing support with their Mental Health.
  • Someone better informed to signpost those people on to appropriate clinical or community support.


On successful completion of the training, the Town/Village would achieve the 'Mindful' status by completing the below web form submitting all details of everyone who has undertaken training, and details of any 'Mindful' community activity or projects that are using their skills in. On successful completion of the application form, you will receive a kitemark Mindful Town village sign and stickers.

Apply for Mindful Town/Village Status

What would I have to do as a 'Community Champion'?

We understand that people lead very busy lives, so a variety of different training options are provided to cater for varying levels of commitment and interest.

Becoming a Community Champion will involve what you feel is enough. It might mean just wanting to be the person who understands a bit more about mental health within your organisation, so that you are more empowered to signpost someone from your group on for support, or it could mean wanting to play a role in generating more mindful community activity in your local area.

Sign up to be a Community Champion

Beyond the training

Mindful Towns Community Champions will also have access to a Peer Support Network, which will be hosted by Norfolk and Waveney Mind and offer the following additional resources:

  • Bi-monthly network support meetings.
  • Bi-monthly blogs.
  • Invitations to MH Webinars.
  • Community Development Capacity Building toolkits, advice and support.

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Who are the Breckland Mental Health Community Partnership?

The BMHCP was established by Breckland Council in May 2021, as a partnership made up of four organisations (listed below). To find out more about each partner or to access their services, please follow the related links below.

Send your enquiries to community@breckland.gov.uk

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