Digital Breckland

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the need for businesses to adapt their digital platforms and systems. Digital Breckland has been designed to help independent businesses across our market towns and villages respond to this challenge.

What is available for your business:

Digital Breckland Fund

Digital Breckland Fund is there to help better equip businesses to carry out changes required in their drive to reach customers that are declining in numbers across our high streets.

Find out what your business is eligible for here Digital Breckland Fund

Digital Breckland - Free Workshops & Training

We have designed a programme of free workshops for our independent retail and hospitality businesses.

If you book on to our programme of workshops, your business will also receive a bespoke digital health check.

Your free health check and workshops will cover three themes;

  • Digital Communication - effective use of email and other tools such and instant and video messaging, social media presence and engagement, website development
  • Digital Transacting - Introducing omni-channel retailing, purchasing and selling goods and services online, organising finances, online booking systems
  • Managing Information - Safely storing supplier and customer information digitally, understanding how to use digital information to optimise marketing

For further information and to secure your free training

Last updated: 26/03/2021 16:20:57