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Reduce my rubbish

There are many ways to reduce rubbish and recycle more at home, which is better for the environment and could save you money. 

Norfolk Waste Partnership (opens new window)  provide local information on recycling clothes and textiles, electrical's and food waste, as well as details of how to turn your organic waste into compost.  

Unsure what you can recycle at home?Check what can I put in my black bin?

Reusable Bottles and Cups

A popular way to reduce single use plastic is to purchase a reusable drinks bottle and refillable hot drinks cup. Many cafes and coffee shops will allow you to use your own cup, to reduce single use waste.

Get Food Savvy

#FoodSavvy is a collaborative food waste reduction campaign led by Norfolk County Council, Suffolk Waste Partnership and environmental charity, Hubbub. Offering tips on meal planning, storage and shopping smart, as well as running challenges and campaigns through their social media channels for everyone to get involved in. Find out more aboutFood savvy (opens new window) .

NWP Nappies

Every year, around 400,000 used nappies are wrongly put in our recycle bins, causing a big problem to Norfolk's recycling facility. Used disposable nappies belong in your rubbish bin, but parents can also try reusable washable nappies. Making the switch can significantly reduce the amount of household rubbish and save money in the long term.

Norfolk Recycles (opens new window)  offers more information on the impact of nappies contaminating our recycling and the reusable options available to parents. 

Which? consumers association reviewed'How to Buy the Best Reusable Nappies' (opens new window)


    Breastfeeding is a natural and environmentally friendly option for new mums,the NHS website (opens new window)  offers information and guidance for mum and baby. 

    Some women may feel nervous about breastfeeding in public places, however there are online resources offering support for breastfeeding women, including:

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    More ideas for reducing the use of plastic and making alternative choices can be found here:

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