Your Environment

Environmental Health services are provided by Environmental Protection team and Food and Health & Safety team.  The teams are dedicated and committed to assist all, either directly or by working work closely with external agencies ranging from Food Standards Agency (FSA), Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Environment Agency, Anglian Water, businesses and customers throughout Breckland, and a wider range of other authorities, with the aim of working towards improving and protecting public health.

Dog Warden Service

Animal Warden Services will pick up strays, provides dog training courses and deals with dog fouling.

Environmental Permitting (Industrial Pollution Control)

Permitted or Prescribed activities are those carried out at commercial or industrial installations that have a potential to cause polluting emissions.

Noise Nuisance

If a noise is causing a serious nuisance, Breckland Council has a legal obligation to investigate. For a problem to be a statutory nuisance, it must affect you within your home or garden and be unreasonable.

Rodents, Insects & Other Pests

The Council doesn't provide a pest control service. We can deal with nuisance from insects arising from commercial businesses and can deal with rat and mice infestations if they're causing a nuisance to other properties in certain circumstances.


If an odour is causing a serious nuisance (lasting more than 24 hours on a regular basis), Breckland Council may be able to investigate. For a problem to be a statutory nuisance, it must affect you within your home or garden and be unreasonable.


Frequent fires from the same premises could be considered a statutory nuisance, The Environmental Protection Team may be able to investigate anything deemed as such.

Air Pollution

In May 1997 the Government produced the National Air Quality Strategy (NAQS). The strategy represents a comprehensive approach to maintaining and improving the quality of ambient air in the United Kingdom.

Contaminated Land

Information for landowners and developers regarding the Council's role in identifying and dealing with contaminated land. Contaminated land is mainly dealt with through the planning process when disused land is put back into use or land-use changes.


Overflows from drains, a cesspool or septic tank which cause a statutory nuisance can be investigated by Breckland Council.

Drinking Water Quality

Breckland staff carry out sampling and risk assessment for private water supplies under the provisions set out in the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2016

Enforcement and Notices

The purpose of the Policy is to set out the guiding principles by which legislation will be enforced by the Council to protect public health, safety, amenity and the environment within Breckland.

Light Nuisance

Light pollution is artificial light that is allowed to illuminate or pollute areas not intended to be lit. This may cause a statutory nuisance which may be investigated by Breckland Council.

High hedge complaints

Residents can make formal complaints about their neighbour's hedge. The council can only intervene once you have tried, and exhausted, all avenues for resolving your hedge dispute.